mrp hotels Checklist

Keeping the hotel real estate in good condition during the closure phase

What should be observed or implemented in the closing phase of a hotel to avoid damage to the property or to ensure a quick ramp-up for live operation? The team at mrp hotels answers these questions in this short checklist.

  • Appointment of a house supervisor during the closing phase – this person supervises and records all measures
  • Daily tours of the hotel (at the start and end of the shift – per shift clearly defined)
  • 2-3x per week tour of the outdoor area with checklist by house supervisor
  • Assign security with monitoring if not already existent
    • For hotels with <100 rooms we recommend night service with 2x inspections at different times at night •
    • Hotels >100 rooms and large outdoor facilities: 24h someone on site
  • During the day, we assume that employees who maintain the system (human resources department, controlling, accounting, etc.) are present on site


  • Keep all doors open in the following areas to allow air circulation:
    • Room (incl. bathroom and restrooms)
    • Treatment rooms in the SPA
    • Back of House incl. offices
    • Restaurant(s)
    • Bars
    • Fitness area
    • Conference area
    • Back of House areas
  • Daily ventilation of the building for a maximum of 15 minutes (so that the temperature in the building does not drop too much)
  • At least twice a week, flush all toilets and run all taps for 30 seconds (hot /cold incl. showers)
  • Make sure that the water is turned off in every room or area (4 eyes principle or follow-up check)
  • Carry out maintenance continuously and check the maintenance protocols carefully so that possible need for action is not overlooked and a positive condition of the systems is guaranteed
  • Carry out maintenance work in the guest areas:
    • Painting workrooms, corridors, etc.
    • Small repairs
    • Maintenance of the maintenance joints in all wet areas
    • Attention: an employee should always be present when work is carried out by external companies!
  • Swimming Pool
    • weekly check of the chlorine content
    • monthly control of the flocculant
    • weekly cleaning of the pool filter
    • weekly replenishment of the salt tablets
    • 3x per week cleaning of the pool floor by pool robot
    • weekly check of the overflow grilles (risk of clogging due to dirt)
  • Control of cold stores, refrigeration plant and cold storage cells (e.g. buffet area)
  • Setting the ventilation system to a minimum (do not switch off)
  • Lower the temperature in the entire hotel complex (define temperature for each area)
  • Switch off or disconnect unused power consumers and clean if necessary
    • TV and accessories
    • Kitchen equipment (microwaves, convectomat, etc.)
    • Refrigerators
    • Cold stores
    • Minibars
    • Telephones
    • Fitness Equipment
    • Etc.
  • Close blinds, curtains and shutters
  • Check and reduce maintenance contracts
  • Check CCTV system / security cameras and expand them in necessary areas
  • Negotiate closing times with service providers (suspend contracts, reduce them, etc.)
    • TV Content
    • Internet (HSIA)
    • Newspapers
    • Electricity / gas / water / waste collection
    • PMS/ POS
    • Music
    • Etc.
  • Check / remove flowers in vases
  • Empty / remove waste
  • Adjust phone number (phone answering service)

Create personalized standard operating procedures (SOPs) and checklists for the closing phase so that your employees have clear guidelines for the process!

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