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Market update: What was in 2020 and what is coming in 2021. (December 2020)

It will go on – but how? And when? Europe along with its hotel industry has come to an abrupt hold once again. Hardly, any near prospects of improving conditions are in sight. However, there are some events that provide reason for lifted spirits. The current distribution of the vaccine, the development of medicines and the introduction and use of quick tests may positively influence the world’s recovery from the pandemic in 2021. Further changes to our way of life are inevitable. In the following paper we have put together our thoughts concerning the hotel industry of the near future.

Voices from the industry: Outlook for the 2nd Corona year

There is a vast amount of uncertainty regarding the development of this pandemic in its second year in Europe. mrp hotels has captured some industry voices, which are summarized and can be found in the latest “Paper Special“. Find HERE.

Holiday Hotel Industry Update December 2020

In view of the rapid increase in bookings after the hotels reopened in May this year, the resort hotel industry can be expected to recover quickly – provided that intra-European travel is possible. Furthermore, hopefuls such as the “Covid19 vaccination” or the recognition of “tests in the hotel” are influencing us to expect a new normality “soon”.

The current update on the holiday hotel industry records the course of the past months and gives an outlook on the coming months.


City Hotel Industry Update October 2020

The overall hotel and travel market situation is in serious trouble. We must be prepared that the current situation will remain unchanged for at least the upcoming six months. Although the continued development of “testing” can bring about some secure feelings and more courage to travel. Cities with overcapacity will displace outdated hotel properties, especially when international and business customers will stay away for a while longer. A new way of business planning and “rethinking” the business model is very much needed.



MRP Covid-19 Update (as of 02.04.2020)

MRP hotels created a compact paper about Covid-19 which you can find on the following pages or here for download.


Covid-19 “Recovery-Scenarios” (as of 02.04.2020)

Based on the current state of knowledge, MRP hotels have created development scenarios with regards to occupancy and overnight stays for selected markets.


Take a look here which services MRP hotels can support you with



Below you will find an overview of the most important funding opportunities for the hotel and tourism industry in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands:


Current (travel) situation in Germany:

You will find an overview of the current travel situation in Germany on this page.



BDO: COVID-19 Guide to government measures and hotline. Due to the numerous questions on the corona problem, the BDO experts have compiled a guide to help entrepreneurs quickly and unbureaucratically on the following topics:

Subsidies and financing, short-time working models, as well as tax measures to alleviate liquidity and payment bottlenecks. The guide is updated continuously, especially with regard to current developments in the area of subsidies. If you have any questions, please contact the BDO team of advisors at +43153737-973 or

We live in a time of upheaval. We at the ZTB Zukunftsbüro are here to help you safely through all the uncertainties and systemic imponderables, so that you can shape your future resiliently in this disruptive modern age. In times of crisis and disruption we can only design the future as alternative possibilities (plural!)

The hotel expert of CMS Vienna, Gregor Famira, together with his colleagues, has compiled information on the most important COVID-19 questions for hotel operators:

          • Labour law
          • Lease law/tenancy law
          • Tax law
          • Epidemic law
          • Insolvency law

You can find all information here:

Professional articles & podcasts:

MRP regularly publishes updates on various topics around Covid-19, which you can read and download here.


MRP hotels professional articles


What should be observed or implemented in the closing phase of a hotel to avoid damage to the property or to ensure a quick ramp-up for live operation?

MRP hotels interviewed the analyst of a leading European bank. He tried to document the effects of the crisis from a big picture perspective.

Liquidity support is intended to solve problems, but at the moment businesses are still facing major challenges: Interest rates, borrowed capital, support system, capacities, URG guidelines do not allow the measures desired by politicians to bypass regulators and delay aid.  

The parahotel industry also has to struggle with the current situation to a not inconsiderable extent. But could this create opportunities for the real estate, residential and hotel market? Read on.

Many a hotelier currently sees “black” – but there are also rays of hope in the current dilemma, because the tourism industry has also mastered challenges in the past.

Current crisis situations like the current one require more commitment in every respect. This also means openness in communication, especially towards stakeholders.

Keep a cool head in the crisis: There are measures which, after all, try to minimize the damage.

When the GOP sinks and is no longer sufficient to pay the rent – this is where interaction between the owners and operators is required.

Times of crisis quickly cause panic and hasty reactions: mrp hotels experts recommend measures that are in demand in such difficult times in order to spare the business that follows after the crisis.


We ask top-level hoteliers, bankers, developers, investors, operators, franchisors and tourism specialists in a personal interview, which we will share with you in our podcast series. We want to start this series next week with, among others, Reiner Nittka, Spokesman of the Board / CEO of the GBI Holding and will of course provide you with the relevant information on when and where you can access this interview.

We look forward to exciting interview partners, interesting conversations and a wide-ranging and critical listening audience.


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