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Market update: What was in 2020 and what is coming in 2021.

It will go on – but how? And when? Europe along with its hotel industry has come to an abrupt hold once again. Hardly, any near prospects of improving conditions are in sight. However, there are some events that provide reason for lifted spirits. The current distribution of the vaccine, the development of medicines and the introduction and use of quick tests may positively influence the world’s recovery from the pandemic in 2021. Further changes to our way of life are inevitable. In the following paper we have put together our thoughts concerning the hotel industry of the near future.

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Special Paper – Marketing and Revenue Management

The holiday hotel world stands still. Unfortunately, at the moment we have to wait and see. If you are motivated, you can take care of marketing activities, hardware and software implementation, offer development and the right booking and cancellation management in addition to renovation work. You will find valuable input on this topic in our current "Paper Special".

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Holiday Hotel Industry Update December 2020

We already know it: the European patchwork quilt. Never before has travelling been so confusing and difficult. Those who still want to "get out" fly to Dubai or the Canary Islands - a safe decision for holidaymakers, considering the "alpine chaos" and the accommodation arrangements for the upcoming holidays.

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