City Hotel Industry Update October 2020

The overall hotel and travel market situation is in serious trouble. We must be prepared that the current situation will remain unchanged for at least the upcoming six months. Although the continued development of “testing” can bring about some secure feelings and more courage to travel. Cities with overcapacity will displace outdated hotel properties, especially when international and business customers will stay away for a while longer. A new way of business planning and “rethinking” the business model is very much needed.

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Leisure Hotel Industry Update September 2020

The summer has given a whole new meaning to the topic of "vacations in your own country". In many places the vacation hotel industry is booming - although there are already strong differences here depending on the hotel category. In the future it will be impossible to predict bookings on a long-term basis; first several hotels will be booked for the same period of time and spontaneously decided according to desire, weather and current quarantine regulations. The current update on the vacation hotel industry records the course of the past summer season and gives a preview of the upcoming winter season.

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The road back to the future

The current situation is serious and fragile. While the leisure hospitality is prospering in many regions, the city hospitality is struggling, and the market recovery will take longer than originally expected. International fairs are being cancelled and business tourism stays uncertain. The danger to turn into a local infection-hotspot makes forecasts nearly impossible. Product- and location specific judgement and valuation is needed. The mutual togetherness of banks, operators and investors is more important than ever before. The attached paper gives you insights and details about the current situation in Europe while highlighting the performance of some major cities.